Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company

I went to visit a friend and ended up finding the most incredible little shop in Fort Collins, CO.  It is called the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company.  

The store allows you to taste their premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars while giving you information on their products.  They have over 45 premium extra virgin olive oils, 18 varieties of flavored balsamic vinegar and 6 specialty oils.  They recommend certain pairings of vinegar and olive oil but you are also encouraged to experiment with various combinations.   Believe me what this couple offers is nothing resembling the acrid awful stuff you get in the grocery store.  I used to wonder why chefs recommended balsamic vinegar reduction for dressing strawberries.  If I had used the stuff from the grocery store, it would have been a disaster but this product is sweet and down-right yummy.  

I ended up purchasing 8 bottles and had them shipped to my house so I didn't have to check my bag at the airport which as we all know would cost more than shipping.    I purchased 18-year-old traditional, ripepeach, lavender and dark chocolate balsamic vinegars, Meyer lemon, and Persian lime olive oils.  These oils and vinegars are heaven on the tongue.  It is an experience worth sharing.  You can check out their offerings at


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