Simple Pleasures

All too often we rush just to get through life and fail to savor the things that make us happy; the things that can revive us from a stressed life. Years ago, a friend and I compiled a list of simple things that made us happy. This is not meant to be a definitive list but a place to start. It can change the way you look at your life. So stop and take a moment to think of those things that make you smile.

Remember, it's often the little things in life... 
warm chocolate chip cookies 
old blue jeans 
songs to which you know the words  
Dr. Pepper and Snickers
slow dancing 
"Moody Blues"
first kiss
smell of clean hair
cooby-Do pajamas 
knowing answers to the questions 
warm bed 
cars that are paid for 
soft lips 
city lights at night
sound of a leather saddle 
homemade valentines
an empty dishwasher 
old yearbooks
giving a hug, getting one back
a little peace and quiet 
remembrance of a lost love now grown up 
soft gray eyes of grandad 
candlelight and bubble bath 
crystal glasses 
smell of baby powder 
a wink from across the room 
friends that know you and love you anyway 
having nothing to prove
peanuts in your Coke
bare toes in the warm sand 
clean sheets 
puppies and kittens
glass elevators 
old movies 
hearing from someone you didn't think remembered you 
sky filled with hot air balloons 
lake on a still day
fireworks in the night sky 
silk lingerie 
good looking cowboy in tight jeans
nachos grande
thunderstorm in the distance
money in your pocket that doesn't belong to anyone else
convertible on a warm spring day
memories in your mind that can be played over and over again


Anonymous said…
Three things caught my eye:
Moody Blues, Clean Sheets and Peanuts in your coke! Sweet memories thank you!!!

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